Tzachi Danor

Tzachi Danor serves as a missionary in Jews for Jesus' Tel Aviv, Israel branch. Tzachi is a native of Akko, Israel, and grew up as his mother's only child, yet part of a large, extended Moroccan Jewish family. After completing his Israeli military service, Tzachi moved to Dallas, Texas. He struck up a friendship with a Messianic Jewish woman who introduced him to many other believers, regular study of the Scriptures and, ultimately, recognition of Y'shua as the promised Jewish Messiah. His mother's illness was the impetus for his return to Israel, this time as a new believer in Y'shua. As his mother recovered, Tzachi became involved with various Messianic ministries in Israel. His love for sharing the good news about salvation in Y'shua with others connected him with like-minded people at Jews for Jesus. Tzachi has been serving with Jews for Jesus in Tel Aviv since 2007 and has participated in twelve Jews for Jesus evangelistic campaigns in Israel, Canada, the UK and South Africa.