Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan Tel Aviv


My name is Jeff Morgan, host on the Jews for Jesus YouTube channel and host of the SO BE IT! YouTube channel that documents our street outreach in Israel.

I was born and raised in a secular Jewish home in the U.S. I love the arts and especially athletics, so I became a personal fitness trainer. At the age of 24, I moved to Israel where I learned Hebrew and worked on a kibbutz in the southern Judean Desert. After 20 years of practicing New Age spirituality and meditation, I found myself depressed, hopeless, and spirituality tormented. It was then that Yeshua (Jesus) revealed Himself to my wife, my eldest son, and me at the same time, but individually. Yeshua saved me from despair, freed me from 20 years of torment, gave me and my family a new life, and turned me into a new creation overnight!

I spent 13 years in Israel, which is where I met my wife. She and I have three sons. After finishing missionary training in San Francisco, we moved back to Israel. We are now living in the Tel Aviv area where I serve the Lord with Jews for Jesus as a full-time missionary and media team member.