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We engage the greater Jewish community with the message of Jesus so that more of our Jewish people will be spiritually transformed through knowledge and love of God. Jews for Jesus the organization was founded in 1973. However, we like to say we were “founded 32 a.d., give or take a year.” Today, our staff are active internationally in 13 countries and 24 cities.

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Why Jesus?

Because of who he is. Because of what he said. Because his reality transforms lives in the midst of a broken world. Because he fulfills the hopes of our Jewish people and of the rest of the world. Because he atones for our sins. Because believing in him makes sense. There are as many reasons for “why Jesus” as there are followers of him. Discover what some of them have found.
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We’ve been talking about Jews being “for Jesus” for over 40 years… and there’s still a lot to say. Check out our specially-curated collection of articles below, and let us know what you think.

True, Trustworthy and Relevant: Does the Bible Prove Itself?

True, Trustworthy and Relevant: Does the Bible Prove Itself?

Some people think that headlines are more relevant to their daily lives than the Jewish Scriptures. They see the Bible as archaic and replete with contradictions and distortions. They regard Bible events as bobemayses (old wives’ tales) which are useful for instructing children in moral and ethical values, but not much else. A popular belief is that the Bible will not stand up to the scrutiny of modern science. Yet, when the Bible skeptics’ evidence is examined in the light of recent discoveries in archaeology, history, and linguistic data, the opposite is true.

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