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This Easter season, you can give your congregation a special opportunity to experience God’s ancient story of redemption through your Christ in the Passover event.

This presentation is designed to provide an enriching and easy-to-host addition to your programming—one that will disciple, educate, and deepen the faith of your congregation. It also creates an opportunity to draw newcomers to your community!

Our missionaries are Jewish believers in Jesus, and they are eager to share the Passover with churches like yours.

Here’s a small sample of one of our Christ in the Passover events.

Your Event Will Include

  • A 30 minute visual presentation on how Jesus is pictured inside of the ancient Passover celebration
  • A vivid explanation of the origin of the Lord’s supper
  • An overview of how God is at work among the Jewish people today
  • A chance to have our missionaries respond to questions about Passover, Israel, the Jewish people today, and the Jewishness of the Hebrew Scriptures

Event Types

You can invite a Jews for Jesus missionary to present Christ in the Passover at your:

  • Sunday morning service
  • Education class
  • Community group meeting
  • Or gather friends and family for a private event in your home

We Make It Easy!

Our Church Engagement team is standing by to make this an easy addition to your church’s programming. We’ll provide you with:

  • Beautifully designed promotional materials
  • Easy-to-follow instructions on everything you need for the presentation
  • A support staff person who’s ready to assist you in anything you might need

Fill out the form below to talk to the Jews for Jesus Church Engagement team. They will help you plan your Christ in the Passover event.

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