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Discover journeys of Jewish people who believe in Jesus


Jeff Morgan’s Story

From New Age to Jesus

“I felt oppressed and anxious and could never really understand why I couldn’t help myself.”

Marc Stein

A Jewish Businessman's Journey: Marc's Story

“I was extremely fortunate in business, but something was missing.”

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Stewart and Shoshannah Weinisch

Finding Hashem: The Weinisch’s Story

“I was fascinated by Jesus and asked God to give me a sign.”

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Ziggy with wife and child

A Biblical Equation: Ziggy Rogoff’s Story

“How could I accept Jesus when rabbis have been rejecting him for 2,000 years?”

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What Surprised Me


Sahar's Story

“I did a search for “Christianity” and found the New Testament in Hebrew. I expected it to be an antisemitic book with stories about Santa Claus! But within the first few pages, I realized that I was reading a book written by Jews about Jews, living here in Israel. That really surprised me!”

Shoshanna Weinisch

Shoshannah’s Story

“I was fascinated by Jesus and asked God to give me a sign if Jesus was who I had been searching for. Slowly, I saw the mercy of God removing old habits and shame from my life—he did the work I couldn’t do by my own strength.”

Simon Stout

Simon's Story

“I decided to read the New Testament, and I was very surprised. I read through the book of Matthew and by the end, I had tears in my eyes. It was not what I had expected. I couldn’t find anything I disagreed with. I became upset and asked myself, “How come I’ve not read this before?”

Adel Ben David

Adel's Story

“Jesus, the Messiah? How could this be true? How could a guy come along, people follow him, and that became a new religion? I’d been searching so high and deep, this couldn’t possibly be the answer. I didn’t want it to be.”

Holocaust Survivor Stories

In the midst of suffering, these Holocaust Survivors found hope in their Messiah.

Read Jesus’ story for yourself:

The New Testament

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Want to know who Jesus really was? Just read the first book, Matthew’s biography of Jesus! Our illustrated Tree of Life translation preserves the Jewish character of the original.