Liz Goldstein

Liz Goldstein New York

Branch Leader

Liz grew up in New York City and Toronto in a Messianic Jewish home, meaning she always knew that being Jewish and faith in Jesus went together. Liz came to a place of wanting to participate in her faith as her own thing before high school began. As part of her faith in Jesus, as a Jewish person, Liz has observed, participated in, and hosted Jewish traditions.

Much of Liz’s work has been around mentoring others, having worked with children, teens, and young adults. As the director of the New York City work of Jews for Jesus, Liz and her team work largely with students and creatives. 

Liz has a bachelor of arts in art history and a master’s degree in public administration from Hunter College and Baruch College, respectively. Liz has worked with Jews for Jesus full time since 2006. Liz’s parents were part of the founding group of Jews for Jesus staff in the 1970s.