Isaac Brickner

Isaac Brickner Los Angeles

Branch Leader

Isaac is the branch leader of Jews for Jesus in Los Angeles. The first Jewish person in Isaac’s family to follow Yeshua (Jesus) was his great great grandmother Esther from a shtetl in Zhitomir, Ukraine. Since then, every generation of Isaac’s family have been dedicated to sharing the news of the Messiah with their own people. Isaac was raised in San Francisco and grew up attending the Jews for Jesus summer camp program Camp Gilgal, serving as staff in his teenage years. It wasn’t until a trip to Israel and India in 2008 with the Jews for Jesus program Massah that Isaac truly owned the calling that God had placed on his life to be a witness for Yeshua. In August 2010 he married his wife, Shaina, a second-generation Jewish believer in Yeshua, who currently serves as a Labor and Delivery Nurse in Santa Monica. They have 3 kids.