Leia Brown

Leia Brown Los Angeles


Leia Brown is a missionary with Jews for Jesus in Los Angeles, California. Her Bubby (grandmother) was the first person to introduce her to Jesus and she eventually gave her life to the Lord at age 6. She is a graduate of Biola University with a degree in Christian Ministries and a minor in Bible. Starting at 8 years old, Leia attended the Jews for Jesus summer camp program, Camp Gilgal, and returned as staff when was 16. Camp Gilgal was one of the first places Leia truly felt God’s presence in her life. During her years at Biola, she interned with Jews for Jesus, doing youth work in Los Angeles, as well as the Camp Gilgal internship, which ultimately led her to find her calling to ministry. Leia became full time missionary staff in the Spring of 2020 and primarily works with our West Coast Children and Youth programs. She is passionate about sharing Jesus with young people and having the most fun she possibly can while doing it!