Annette Sofaer

Annette Sofaer Los Angeles


Annette grew up in Fresno, California in a Jewish-Christian home. She’s a graduate of Biola University in Los Angeles where she majored in piano performance and minored in viola performance and biblical studies. Her grandparents, who were Holocaust refugees from Vienna, Austria, came to faith in Jesus as Messiah in the 1940s.

Having come from a family with three generations of Jewish believers in Jesus, she brings practical experience to the question, “How does it work to be Jewish and follow Jesus?” When she was 13 years old, Annette questioned if she truly believed in God and his Son, Yeshua, or if she was merely adhering to the religion she’d been raised with. As she pondered the fact that human existence is imbued with deep meaning, and as she reflected on the deep love that she already sensed from God, she felt compelled to embrace this faith as her own.

Annette is married to another Jewish believer, Josh, who is also on staff with Jews for Jesus, and they have two college-age daughters. She is a vocational staff worker in the Los Angeles branch, and her favorite part of her job with Jews for Jesus is meeting with other Jewish women to study the Scriptures and pray for them. Annette and her family lived in New York City for 15 years, so she also has a love for all things New York!