Sahar Sadlovsky

Sahar Sadlovsky Tel Aviv


Sahar Sadlovsky was born and raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Though he was born into a traditional Jewish family, for years he had a very low view of God. Sahar was first exposed to the New Testament and to Yeshua (Jesus) in his late teens, and through difficult life events his heart began to soften. As he read about Yeshua and what He had accomplished through His death and resurrection, he could not remain indifferent to His wisdom, compassion, and love. After several years, in 2014, Sahar joined a local church in Tel Aviv. Soon he was struck with a realization that saddened him greatly: there are millions of Jewish people who are exactly as he had been, not knowing about Jesus because no one had ever told them. God called Sahar to join a team of dedicated believers at Jews for Jesus, who are eager to relentlessly pursue Jewish evangelism and make Jesus known to their Jewish brothers and sisters. In 2016, he began an internship with the ministry, and two years later, joined the staff. In 2018 Sahar married Maria and they soon welcomed their firstborn daughter, Thea.