Sahar Sadlovsky

Sahar Sadlovsky Tel Aviv


Sahar first connected with Jews for Jesus through Rev. Yoel Ben David, who at that time was a lay preacher in the same church he attended. He came to faith through reading the New Testament online, after a genuine relationship with Arab-Israeli Christians who ignited him to read the Scriptures of “their religion.” Little did he know that it was “his religion,” and that Jesus Christ is the Jewish awaited Messiah, and through His death and resurrection, He made all things new.

Sahar says he did not accept Jesus as Messiah—Jesus accepted him. He redeemed him when he was a lost and condemned human being, and purchased and won him from sin, death, and the power of the devil.

He has a BA in biblical studies and is currently studying to get his master’s degree in sacred theology. He started working with Jews for Jesus in 2016 and serves as a missionary in Tel Aviv. He and the team deliver New Testaments to Israeli seekers and conduct online Bible studies. He also teaches one-on-one Bible studies and preaches in his church. He and his wife have two daughters.