Victoria Negrimovskaya

Victoria Negrimovskaya Kyiv


My name is Victoria Negrimovskaya. I was born in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, in a Jewish family. In our family, nobody talked about God. I graduated from a technical school that prepared me for no job at all. I went from job to job seeking a higher salary. My marriage failed. I survived on 5 grivnas ($1) a week.

I received Jesus at a Bible study home group where I was invited by a friend and later I began to attend a church.

I met Jews for Jesus at a presentation in my church. But I had my doubts about this way of serving the Lord. When a year later I attended a Shabbat meeting of Jews for Jesus, my doubts disappeared. During the Behold Your God campaign in Dnepropetrovsk, I watched the Survivors Stories video, and it confirmed my thoughts and feelings. In 2003, I took part in the Odessa Behold Your God campaign and in 2004, the Kharkov BYG campaign, following which I joined the staff of Jews for Jesus as an outreach worker of the Dnepropetrovsk branch.