Greg Williams

Greg Williams Tel Aviv


Greg Williams was born in South Africa to a family of Jewish believers in Jesus. They moved to Israel when he was three years old. It wasn’t easy growing up as a believer in Israel, as he found himself very much in the minority. As a child, he hid his beliefs in order to avoid being treated as an outsider. But at the age of 13, he attended a youth conference during which he felt God’s presence, and his life was changed. He knew he couldn’t continue to straddle both worlds, and needed to choose what was more important to him. He chose to stop hiding his faith and he began to tell his friends about Yeshua (Jesus). Growing up with such struggles has caused him to want to share the truth and reality of Yeshua with other young people in order to help them stop being afraid to be different.

Today, Greg serves with Jews for Jesus in Tel Aviv as part of the ministry to children, soldiers, and young adults. He helps lead a weekly youth group, hosts a weekly meeting for soldiers, and is also part of the team that handles various events at the Moishe Rosen Center.