Dvora Lema

Dvora Lema Toronto


Dvora was born in Ethiopia to a traditional religious Jewish family and was raised in Israel. She served as a lieutenant in the Israeli Defense Forces Education Corp for five years. After the army, she traveled to Pennsylvania to teach Hebrew in a Jewish summer camp. In 2011, she moved to Canada and met her husband, Teddy Lema, who is also a missionary with Jews for Jesus. Prior to coming on staff, Dvora worked as a Hebrew teacher at a Haredi pre-school in Toronto for three years. She speaks Hebrew, English, and Amharic. She came to faith in Yeshua in 2012 at the age of 23 when she went to visit her family in Israel. In that visit, she witnessed the power of Yeshua when He healed her sister in the most life-changing experience.

She is passionate about sharing the love of Yeshua with others and helping Jewish unbelievers see what she once denied and couldn’t see. Dvora and Teddy have three children: Mielli, Tuvel and Elroee.