Julia Pascoe

Julia Pascoe London


London born and bred, Julia first worked with Jews for Jesus as a volunteer.

Julia grew up knowing three things: she was Jewish, there was someone called God, and her family didn’t believe in Jesus. The sudden death of Julia’s mother caused her to question God’s existence. She went to psychics and mediums but found no peace.

In her late 20s, Julia met a Christian who told her that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. She was challenged to read messianic prophecies found in the Tanach (Torah) that point to Jesus. She discovered that Jesus had all the credentials that the prophets said the Messiah would have. In 1998, Julia accepted Jesus as her Messiah! She finally found the shalom she’d been searching for.

Julia joined our staff in 2004, serving in our UK branch, and has since then led many of our outreaches, our music group Blue Mosaic, and our UK branch from 2013–2019. Today, she helps Jewish people make up their own minds about who Jesus is. Her greatest passion is supporting new Jewish believers in Jesus, offering one-to-one Bible studies, and helping each new believer find their identity in Messiah and their place within the body of Messiah.