Svetlana Adelson

Svetlana Adelson Tel Aviv


Svetlana is serving as a missionary in Jews for Jesus with Russian-speaking Jews. She was born in Ukraine in a secular home. In 2002, she graduated from medical college and began working as a neonatal intensive care unit nurse. Being a nurse, she was invited to be a volunteer-medical worker in a children’s Christian camp, which is where she first met God. After a while, all her family accepted Yeshua into their hearts.

She continued to work as a nurse and began BA studies at the Ukrainian National University. Svetlana constantly attended church, but was continuously interested in everything related to Judaism. One day, Eduard, a minister from Jews for Jesus, came to the church to conduct a seder on Pesach. Through him, she learned about a meeting of Messianic Jews. Svetlana started attending the Messianic congregation and actively participated in all the retreats and also volunteered with Jews for Jesus.

After a while, she met her husband, Alexander. They both had the same aspirations to serve God. Alex had already been serving with Jews for Jesus in Israel, and Svetlana volunteered with them in Ukraine. Then in 2011, Svetlana moved to Israel to be with Alexander. They have two children: Daniel and Eliana. Svetlana thanks God for His blessing to their family and her journey with Him in love and service.