Geneviève Wittmann

Geneviève Wittmann Paris

Communications Director

After more than 30 years in publishing, Geneviève joined Jews for Jesus in January 2019 as a church relations coordinator for France, Belgium, and Switzerland. She also makes many films and reports for our YouTube channel, including interviews with Jewish people about their family histories from the Shoah (Holocaust), the Algerian War of Independence from France in the 1960s (when many Jewish people were displaced), antisemitism, and more.

Geneviève was born into a committed-Christian family. Her grandfather was a Jew who escaped terrible abuses in his native Romania. Her mother was a child hidden during the Shoah in Paris. What they transmitted to her from this identity of a son and a daughter of Israel allowed her to feel close to the Jewish world and to be able to forge bonds of friendship and trust. She is always concerned to make Christians aware of the need to stand as sentinels around Israel. As a committed Christian believing in Yeshua, Messiah of Israel, Geneviève feels the need to be a bridge between the church and the Jewish people.