Anatoli Emma

Anatoli Emma Kyiv

Branch Leader

Anatoli Emma was born Odessa, Ukraine, in 1976. Odessa is a large seaport city which at one time had a Jewish population of approximately 300,000. Anatoli came to believe in Jesus as his Messiah in 1993 and was actively involved in the church he began to attend. For two years he was part of a group that worked in the hospitals for drug addicts, alcoholics, TB and venereologic patients. In 1995, the Lord called him and another brother to start a new church in Odessa, and up to 1999, he was ministering in this new congregation. Then, in 1999, the Lord called Anatoli to start ministering to his Jewish people, and he joined the Jews for Jesus ministry. For the last two years, Anatoli has been the leader of the Kyiv branch of Jews for Jesus. He and his wife Olga have two little children, Elizabeth and Christina.