Alexander Adelson

Alexander Adelson Tel Aviv


Alexander Adelson came to faith at the age of 20 after much soul-searching while he was in the Israeli Defense Force. As a man who had grown up in a secular home, he did not have much knowledge of religion, and wanted to learn. When he read the Bible he was surprised to discover that it is not just a historical book, but is full of life truths, facts, and prophecies. One promise caught his eye (see Jeremiah 31:31–33).

Alexander recognized that the prophet was speaking of a God-initiated covenant in which the Lord Himself puts His law in the heart of man. The desire to live in this covenant with God compelled him to continue searching. Providentially, he met some Messianic Jews, and through them, discovered the New Testament. As he studied it he saw that Yeshua (Jesus) confronted religious hypocrisy and underscored God’s requirement that we love Him wholeheartedly, as He loves us. Alexander soon found a personal relationship with God by trusting in Yeshua’s promise of forgiveness and peace through His sacrifice on the cross. He became a member of a local Messianic community where he continued to increase in his knowledge of God and develop in his desire to tell others about Him.

Since 2011, Alexander has been serving with Jews for Jesus Israel as a missionary and leader of the missionary team in Tel Aviv. He is married to Svetlana, who serves with him in Israel. They have two children. In 2019, Alexander completed a BA in theological studies.