Alexander Adelson

Alexander Adelson Tel Aviv


Alexander Adelson has been a missionary with Jews for Jesus in Tel Aviv since 2011. In 2017, he was appointed to lead the Tel Aviv Hebrew-speakers missionary branch.

He was born in Russia in a secular Jewish home and, in 1999, at a young age, immigrated to Israel with his family. Alexander came to know Yeshua (Jesus) while completing his mandatory military service in the Israel Defense Forces. After five years in the Air Force, he was honorably discharged with the rank of staff sergeant. During the service, he led various projects and also a platoon.

Alexander accomplished criminology certificate studies and worked as a private investigator. Later, while serving as a security officer, he was introduced to Jews for Jesus and was challenged to share the gospel with the people of Israel. In 2019, he graduated from Israel College of the Bible with BA, and in 2022, he got a diploma in biblical counseling.

Alexander is married to Svetlana, who also serves with Jews for Jesus, and they have two children: Daniel and Eliana. He is fluent in three languages: Hebrew, Russian, and English.