Leonid Krouter

Leonid Krouter Berlin


I am a Jew who believes in Jesus as the Messiah. I was born in Odessa, Ukraine and grew up there in a secular Jewish family. I had always been told that a Jew has to learn a lot. Because of this, I read a lot of books – just not the Bible. Because the Bible is not a book that is suitable for Jews. My parents did not obey the Jewish commandments. And my grandma usually only celebrated two Jewish festivals – Passover and Yom Kippur. When I once asked her why she did this and what the meaning of the holidays was, she replied that her grandpa always did it that way.

I first heard the gospel and believed in Yeshua in 1991. My family was strictly against it. However, after coming to faith, my life changed radically. In 1996 I became part of Jews for Jesus and then, in 1998, I moved to Kiev to open a branch of Jews for Jesus there.

In 2018 I did my doctorate at the Theological Seminary in Kiev, now I have a doctorate in theology. I write and teach about what it means to be Jewish and at the same time believe in Jesus. For me, both the spiritual aspect and the spread of the gospel are important.

I have now been working as a missionary with Jews for Jesus for 24 years. I firmly believe that God wants to bless the body of Christ in a special way through mission among Jews. I want to continue to preach the Good News to the Jewish people. I also want to show churches and congregations how important it is to bring the gospel to the Jews. But at the same time I want to convey the best way to do it.

I strive to orient my life accordingly and to inspire others to bring the gospel to Jews and non-Jews alike. I am currently living in Berlin with my wife Natascha and our three children to preach the Good News among Russian-speaking Jews.