Jeanne Rosen

Jeanne Rosen Los Angeles

Missionary Trainee

Jeanne Rosen was born into a family of seven children. When she was four years old, her family moved to St. Louis, Missouri. Her father was Jewish, but it was her Gentile mom, with a hunger for God, who brought them into contact with people who understood the Bible. When Jeanne was nine, she accepted Yeshua (Jesus) after going to Sunday School with a faithful neighbor who read Bible stories to her.

Jeanne and her husband, Jake, recently joined Jews for Jesus as full-time missionaries serving at the Los Angeles branch. They also have a son and his young family in the area. Recently, they became grandparents! They now have one-year old granddaughters on each coast.

After a 22-year career with the St. Louis Art Museum, Jeanne is excited to put her love for art to use by building bridges with UCLA students who are at the branch’s doorstep. Art is a language that engages people and provides opportunities for spiritual conversations. The Los Angeles branch does a great job at using this creative approach!