Elisha Lazarus

Elisha Lazarus Tel Aviv

Content Creator

Elisha Lazarus is a passionate content creator with the Jews for Jesus Israel branch. Working in media and being part of a team that reaches people from diverse backgrounds and cultures with the gospel is fulfilling to him. From creating compelling videos on YouTube and TikTok to engaging in diverse media projects, Elisha is driven by a desire to touch hearts and transform lives, one piece of content at a time. He embraces his Jewish heritage and celebrates the rich culture of Israel with a commitment to share the love of Jesus in every way possible through media platforms, ministry projects, and beyond.

Elisha’s life wasn’t always this way. Today, it is a testament to the transformative power of Jesus. However, in his past, he found himself struggling in the dark world of drug addiction and male prostitution. Eventually, a divine encounter with Jesus changed everything. Jesus’ love and grace reached into the darkest corners of Elisha’s life and broke the chains of addiction. Hope, forgiveness, and a new purpose transformed Elisha.

Today, preaching the gospel in Israel is one of the most rewarding aspects of Elisha’s ministry! People often approach him and share how the message of Jesus uplifted them on their journey. This outreach offers encouragement and hope. Witnessing the impact of God’s love firsthand is both humbling and inspiring, reinforcing Elisha’s commitment to Jesus. Additionally, his family is an anchor, grounding him in faith, love, and support. He cherishes being a devoted husband and a loving father to his four-year-old. “They inspire me every day to continue the mission of leading hearts to the loving embrace of the Savior.”