Daniel Borok

Daniel Borok Tel Aviv


Daniel was born in the Galilee, Israel, after his parents made Aliyah from the Soviet Union. Daniel struggled with his identity while growing up. Serving as a combat medic in the Israel Defense Forces, he felt a deep emptiness and turned to prayer, seeking meaning in life. God answered his prayers and protected him during his military service, strengthening his faith. Meeting a fellow soldier who believed in Yeshua had a profound impact on his life, leading to a transformative journey.

Daniel is a certified data analyst and holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing science. He has extensive experience as an ICU nurse, caring for patients in critical condition. He also pursued further studies in pre-medicine.

Joining Jews for Jesus, Daniel became part of Mekomi, a team that helps the homeless, drug addicts, and women involved in prostitution. Through this ministry, he provides care and support, addressing their physical and spiritual needs.

Daniel is happily married to Miriam, who has been serving with Jews for Jesus since 2016. Together, they started a student group that has been running for four years, offering Bible studies and fellowship to students.