Jake Rosen

Jake Rosen Los Angeles

Missionary Trainee

Being Jewish is who Jake Rosen is. His parents were Holocaust survivors, who married in France. They were Orthodox but weren’t strict at home. When he was a teen in the 1970s, while at a meeting called Kibbutz near his home, he heard that one could be Jewish and believe in Jesus. After he struggled with this message, he came to faith in Jesus—and Jesus turned Jake’s life upside down.

Those who influenced him were mentored by Moishe Rosen, who began Jews for Jesus in 1973. Jake met Jeanne, and they were married. They have two children who both recently had daughters!

Jake got his BFA at Washington University, became an illustrator, and received an MA from Fuller Seminary in intercultural communications. He also pastored a church for over 32 years. Most of their mentoring was through Jews for Jesus. He and his wife recently joined the staff of Jews for Jesus. For years, Jake has been working on a series of paintings called “The Vision of Isaiah,” and the focus in LA may be helping to communicate God’s message through the arts.