Ildikó Hajdu

Ildikó Hajdu Budapest

Outreach Worker

Ildikó Hajdu was born in Budapest during the time of Communism. Her mother was Jewish; her father worked as a party functionary. She has one younger brother who lives with his family in Germany. Ildikó grew up as an atheist, consciously denying the existence of God. After she married, she gave birth to two sons in the early 90s. She was 30 when she lost her mother from cancer. This loss was very traumatic for her, as she had a very good relationship with her mother. She was 34 when her father died. She was now an orphan.

Ildikó was 36 when she gave her life to Jesus through the testimony of a former rock musician. Ildiko worked in various sales fields for more than 10 years. During this time, she led many people to the Lord, including her own family. At the age of 41, the next tragedy struck her: she lost her husband overnight. She was left without physical support. But the Lord did not abandon her; He helped them to overcome their grief. In 2011, she joined the Budapest team of Jews for Jesus as a volunteer, and since 2016 she has been working with them full time. Evangelism is one of her main strengths. She is actively involved in caring for Holocaust survivors and discipling young seekers. She loves working in teams. Her two adult sons are also serving the Lord.