Rebekah Rood

Rebekah Rood New York

Missionary, Director of Camp Gilgal-East

Rebekah Rood co-directs ministry to children, youth, and families in North America (with Ilana Brickner). She has a passion for seeing new generations of Jewish-believing young people grow up in their faith and walking with them and their parents through long-term discipleship. She also works with Jewish-Gentile couples, especially around the areas of spiritual and identity formation for the next generation.

Rebekah grew up in an intermarried-believing home in New England. She took personal ownership of her faith in Jesus and her Jewish identity while preparing for her Messianic bat mitzvah. She was involved with Camp Gilgal for many years as a camper, a counselor, and then later as a director. Meeting other Jewish-believing young people was a great encouragement and support to her own faith, and she considers it a privilege to work with young people navigating faith questions. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her husband, Sam (director of new missionary training), and their two children.