Vered Birnbaum

Vered Birnbaum New York


Vered’s first encounter with Jesus was in a dream when she was six years old. In the dream, Jesus hugged her and told her everything would be all right. From that moment on, she was in search of God and meaning. When she was 16, after a bad experience with marijuana, she went to her sister because she knew she believed in Jesus and would have answers. That led Vered to accepting Jesus into her heart.

Vered was born in Ethiopia and immigrated to Israel when she was 2 years old. Her family came to an absorption center in Tiberius, and after a year there, her parents moved to their own home in a nearby neighborhood. She has one brother and one sister who live in Israel and another brother who lives in Ethiopia. They all grew up together in Tiberius, and left Tiberius at different times after finishing their service in the Israel Defense Forces. She has a bachelor’s degree in special education and an MA in non-governmental organization management.

She was a team member of Mekomi, a team that works with the homeless, drug addicts, and women in prostitution. Mekomi cares for their physical and spiritual needs and helps them in any way they can: food, prayer, or simple but meaningful hugs or lengthy conversations. 

She is married to Chaim, who is a staff member at Jews for Jesus as well. They currently serve in New York.