Yulia Mitnisky

Yulia Mitnisky Tel Aviv


Yulia Mitnitsky was born and raised in Moscow in a secular Jewish family. Although her parents were atheists and did not have a Torah nor a Bible in their home, as a child Yulia always believed in God. At the age of 13, Yulia went to an English camp organized by a Christian children’s ministry in Moscow. Immediately she was drawn to the believers she met, and was eager to learn about God and how to have a personal relationship with Him. By the end of the camp, she had opened her heart to Jesus. She was discipled by this ministry and actively volunteered with them up until her immigration to Israel in 2010.

When Yulia was 18, a friend invited her to a Messianic synagogue in Moscow. Soon it became her home congregation and she learned many things about her Jewish identity. She was introduced to the ministry of Jews for Jesus when she became part of a worship team that performed with the ministry at various events. Eventually, Yulia was invited to take part in two big summer witnessing campaigns in New York City. There, in 2009, she met her future husband, Vladimir. A year later they were married, and Yulia made aliyah (immigrated) to Israel and joined the Jews for Jesus ministry. She has been serving as a minister to children, organizing and leading Bible clubs and holiday events, and helping with camps.

When Yulia became a mother, her desire to support and uphold other young mothers drew her to women’s ministry. For the past two years she has served by preparing and delivering home-cooked meals to mothers with newborns, leading mothers’ support groups, and going on home visits to help care for infants. Yulia and Vladimir have two children, Netanel and Odeya.