Joshua Turnil

Joshua Turnil Paris

Branch Leader

Joshua Turnil is the director of Jews for Jesus in France and Switzerland, overseeing the work in francophone Europe. Joshua was born in New York and has a bachelor’s degree in French literature. His wife, Delphine, who is French, also serves with Jews for Jesus. They have three children: Ilan, Lilya, and Levia.

Joshua came to personal faith in Jesus when someone sitting next to him on a plane asked him a question he had never heard before: “If you were to die tonight, what would you say to God if He asked you, ‘Why should I let you in?’” That question shook him to his core, and shortly thereafter, at an evangelistic meeting, he stood up to accept Jesus.

Joshua has participated in and produced five music albums, as well as video projects such as the life story of resistance fighter and Holocaust survivor, Ruth Gottlieb. Josh is uniquely qualified to speak to the question of antisemitism, as his Paris office is often the target of antisemitic threats and is under the constant vigilance of the French police. Also, he has worked side by side with leaders of the French Jewish community and church leaders to actively fight against antisemitism.