Rebekah Bronn

Rebekah Bronn Sydney


Rebekah Bronn grew up in a Messianic Jewish home in New Zealand. Her Father is Jewish and came to faith in Jesus when he was eighteen, along with his parents and brother. Rebekah is grateful to have grown up in a family where being Jewish and believing in Jesus was seen as normal and she placed her faith in Jesus at a young age. Some of her favorite childhood memories are celebrating Shabbat and Passover with her family.

In recent years, Rebekah has spent time traveling and living and working in London, which is where her Father is originally from. She has also spent time in Israel and volunteered with a Messianic Jewish organization in New Zealand that reaches out to Israeli travelers. It was while she was working with this organization, that she began to feel called into Jewish ministry. In July 2019 she began a one year internship with Jews for Jesus in Sydney and upon completion, joined staff.

Rebekah loves working among the Jewish community in Sydney and is excited to see the new things God is doing in her life and the lives of the Jewish people she meets.