Ruth Rosen

Ruth Rosen San Francisco (HQ)

Newsletter Editor, Missionary

Ruth Rosen, daughter of Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen, is a staff writer and editor with Jews for Jesus. Ruth has a degree in biblical studies from Biola College in Southern California and has written and/or edited quite a few of our evangelistic resources. She has also helped many other Jewish believers in Jesus tell their stories. That includes her father, whose biography she authored in what she says was “one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life.” For details or to order your copy of Called to Controversy: the Unlikely Story of Moishe Rosen and the Founding of Jews for Jesus, visit our online store.

Ruth says, “I love my work and never know what projects might come my way, from writing gospel content for our website to helping edit a messianic version of Tyndale’s Chronological Life Application Bible, to collaborating with David Brickner on a new book about messianic prophecy.” Ruth also edits the Jews for Jesus Newsletter to keep our ministry partners in the know about how to pray for our ministry and our missionaries.