Jennifer Razzouk

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Jennifer Razzouk was raised in a Jewish-Gentile home, and everyone in her family was a believer in Yeshua. Her mother took her to church when she was young, and that’s when Jennifer heard the gospel and became a believer in Jesus. She learned about her Jewish identity as a child similar to the way her mother and uncle learned about it: “We are Jewish, but we don’t talk about it.” Later in life, when she had married and had children, she sent her daughters to attend Jews for Jesus’ Camp Gilgal. Jennifer and her little “tribe” greatly benefited from this ministry and from the community of Jewish believers in Jesus. She says, “For us, we had found our people; a place we all knew we fit.”

Jennifer serves with Jews for Jesus as a missionary trainee on our Online Evangelism Team. She lives in Northern California. She is a master’s student in Christian apologetics at Talbot Seminary, but her studies are currently on pause while she completes her missionary training.

In her position, she enjoys starting relationships online with Jewish people who come to the Jews for Jesus chatroom with questions and out of curiosity. Often these conversations can move into meeting with these visitors via Zoom, Facetime, text, email, or if they live close by, meeting in person to study the Scriptures together.