Tamir Kugman | Israel


Tamir Kugman is a missionary with Jews for Jesus in Israel, Tel-Aviv. He is working in the Media-Evangelism department. He was Born in Israel to a Jewish family of a secular-mesocratic background and came to faith in Yeshua at the age of 21, during his army service. He is a first-generation believer in his family. Tamir is married to Hadas and they have 5 children. Feeling drawn to work and serve in the community, he received a bachelor’s degree in Special Education and worked as a Special Ed. teacher in the public schools and in a Messianic school. He also earned his M.A in Learning Disabilities. Over the last two decades, Tamir has taught the Bible for kids, youth and adults, both in camps and in a congregational setting. Feeling drawn to evangelism, Tamir with his wife and family, changed course as he joined Jews for Jesus. Using his gifts in teaching and media, Tamir feels called to reach people with the gospel through their personal media consumption and draw them into discipleship. Tamir says: "Jesus used vivid parables and illustrations to communicate the message of the kingdom, we want to communicate the beautiful message of God to his people, and bring it as close as we can, to the palm of their hands”.