Simon Stout | Israel

Missionary & Executive Assistant to COO

Simon was born in Indianapolis, Indiana to a secular Jewish family. He always believed in God but had no real relationship with Him. After, receiving his B.Sc. in Education from Indiana University, Simon moved to Israel in 2005 to teach and study for an M.A. in Education from Tel Aviv University. Little did he know that within a year he would come to believe in Jesus as Messiah, meet his future wife (Liz), and put down roots in the Holy Land. For much of his time in Israel, Simon taught English literature at a public-school and imparted upon his students what it means to walk in another’s footsteps and to learn to love their community. In 2015, Simon became the Executive Assistant to Dan Sered, who is now the Chief Operating Officer of Jews for Jesus, and also worked with the ministry’s English communications from Tel Aviv. In mid-2019, Liz and Simon were accepted as missionaries with the organization and are blessed to be able to serve people in Israel. They currently live in Jaffa and have two children.