Miriam Borok | Tel Aviv

Outreach Worker

Miri Dolinsky was born in Russia and grew up in a believing family. Her parents came to faith when she was only a baby. At age 5, she immigrated to Israel with her family and moved to the small city of Nazareth Illit in the north of the country. Her family quickly joined a local Messianic congregation of which they are still a part. Being an immigrant wasn’t easy and often made her feel like an outsider. By age 15, she came to realize that the relationship her parents had with the Lord was not her own, and decided to seek after Yeshua for herself! After coming to faith, God restored her confidence and gave her a new identity in Him. She and her friends even began a prayer group at school. Towards the end of her mandatory military service, Miri heard about Jews for Jesus’ Massah (Journey) program where a team of young believers adventure to India and South America to meet with travelers and share their faith. That year, she was one of the first team member to sign up, and even helped lead a team the following year. Since 2016, Miri has served on our Youth and Young Adult Missionary team at the Moishe Rosen Center where she ministers at a weekly kids club, an inter-congregational youth group, and a Bible Study for soldiers. She loves building personal connections with those she serves and inspiring them in their walk of faith.