Liz Stout | Israel


Liz was raised in Rochester, New York in a Messianic Jewish family. She always knew the Lord, but only dedicated her life to Him on her 18th birthday. She received her B.A. in Religion & Philosophy from Roberts Wesleyan College and also moved to Israel in 2005 to study for an M.A. in Education at Tel Aviv University – which is where she met her husband Simon. Simon and Liz currently reside in Jaffa and have two young children. For much of the last decade, Liz has been an elementary school teacher at a private Christian school; however, in mid-2019, she joined the Jews for Jesus family and now serves on our Children and Youth Team at the Moishe Rosen Center. Liz has a heart to see children know the Lord in a deep way and to see them actively serving in their community. Liz asks that you please pray with her for the children who she serves that they will “dedicate their lives to the Lord and know His voice!”