Larissa Savelieva | Odessa

Outreach Worker

My name is Larissa Savelieva. My husband's name is Valery. We live in Odessa, Ukraine. We have one daughter, Tatyana, who has a family of her own. I used to work as a teacher of Russian to foreign students. In 1990, I received a tract from Jews for Jesus in the street and later, with the help of one Jew for Jesus, Avi Snyder, I came to faith in the Lord. Next summer, I was already giving out tracts myself as a member of the Jews for Jesus team. Jesus Christ changed my life, while Jews for Jesus changed my profession: instead of being a Russian teacher, I became an outreach worker. My heart's desire is to share the Good News with the Jewish people. I pray that the Lord would bring His people to faith in their Messiah.