Galina Bogomolova | Odessa

Outreach Worker

I came from a Jewish family that for generations lived in Ukraine's Black Sea port, Odessa. By the age of 30, my life had become joyless and grey, even though I lived in a sunny and beautiful city. Why? Because I lived without God. In 1995, my husband Igor and I received Jesus as the Messiah of our Jewish people through the ministry of Jews for Jesus. We joined the First Baptist Church of Odessa and the staff of Jews for Jesus. For about three years, our family served in Odessa, then we moved to Dnepropetrovsk to open a branch of Jews for Jesus there. Two years later, we moved to serve in Moscow for three more years: Igor as the branch leader and I as an outreach worker. Today, we again bring the Good News of Jesus to our Jewish people in Odessa. We have two adult daughters; our older daughter Olga is married. She and her husband Sergey attend the same church as I do. And our younger daughter Susanna is 20. She attends the First Baptist Church of Odessa. In 2004, my mother Rachel also received Jesus and was baptized at a Messianic congregation. I thank and praise the Lord that He in His love found me and my family, forgave our sins, gave us faith, salvation and the privilege of serving Him and the people of Israel. He kept His promise, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house" (Acts 16:31). I also thank and praise God for all believers, for my precious brothers and sisters, whose prayers and support help me carry the Good News to our people. Please pray that the Lord would continue to lead me by His Holy Spirit to share the gospel tirelessly with those who aren't saved yet, in every place and at any time.