Eli Birnbaum | Tel Aviv

Israel Director

Eli Birnbaum is the Israel Director. Eli Birnbaum has been leading our Children, Youth, and Young Adult team for the last six years and has been overseer of the Moishe Rosen Center since its conception. He is an astute and insightful thinker who has a heart to serve and strategically find ways to minister to people no matter where they spiritually stand in life. Eli came to believe in Yeshua at a very young age, as his father was a pastor. He was born in the U.S. and moved with his family to Israel at the age of seven. Although as a child Eli was indifferent toward his faith, his passion for God was rekindled while attending a summer camp as a teenager. He returned to school, started sharing about the Lord with his friends, and soon became known as the “missionary.” Eli joined Jews for Jesus in 2009, after completing his mandatory military service. He then developed the branch’s ministry to soldiers and youth and helped found our Israeli Massah program, which focuses on reaching young Israelis as they travel through India and South America. He showed great leadership ability early on and was tasked in the planning, designing, and renovating of the Moishe Rosen Center. Upon its completion, Eli was promoted in 2013 to oversee the center and the Children, Youth, and Young Adult department and those who serve there. Eli has his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Open University and is currently in his second year of studies for his MA in Biblical & Theological studies at Western Seminary. He has been married to his wife Shoshana, who also serves with our ministry, since 2011. They have one son and another child on the way.