Chaim Birnbaum | Tel Aviv

Outreach Worker

Chaim Birnbaum was raised in a Messianic home. His Family moved from the United States to Israel when Chaim was very young. While he received Jesus at an early age, as a teen he was the “wildest” of his siblings. At age eighteen, Chaim repented at an Israeli youth conference and became serious about serving the Lord. Chaim led several youth groups and was involved with ministry in Africa for two and a half months before beginning an internship with Jews for Jesus. He planned and organized a unique outreach from the Moishe Rosen Center in Tel Aviv, inviting graffiti artists to show their art! Chaim is serving with Jews for Jesus on Massah for four years, a discipleship/outreach journey that reaches Israeli trekkers around the world. Chaim’s older brother Eli leads the Jews for Jesus young adult ministry in Israel. Chaim is currently serving in Tel-Aviv as a young adults ad youth leader.