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We come from different Jewish backgrounds, but we have one thing in common: we all believe Yeshua is the redeemer our prophets foretold. Two thousand years ago, many Jewish people believed Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah. Today, there are still Jews who agree. Here are some of our stories.

A Biblical Equation: Ziggy Rogoff’s Story

I grew up in a traditional Jewish home. My family kept kosher. I went to Hebrew classes three times weekly. My bar mitzvah at the Wailing Wall was a landmark moment in my life and summed up who I am: quintessentially Jewish. But until I learned about a personal relationship with God through Messiah Jesus, I considered God too distant and holy to be personally known.

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Finding Hashem: The Weinisch’s Story

"I was on a spiritual quest. I wanted to know the God my grandpa Singer prayed to. I was fascinated by Jesus and asked God to give me a sign if Jesus was who I had been searching for."

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Making Aliyah and Meeting Yeshua: The Stouts’ Story

"I was amazed to see Israelis believing that Yeshua is the Messiah—it felt both foreign and welcoming. I was intrigued by the love they demonstrated for the needy and the community around them."

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A Jewish Businessman’s Journey: Marc Stein’s Story

"I read the gospels in the New Testament for the first time. I was dumbfounded to see so much familiarity in it and just how Jewish it was."

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She Showed Him the New Testament: The Sereds’ Story

"I realize now that I didn’t fully understand that I was set apart as one of God’s children. I slowly began to realize that I belonged to Him, and I wouldn’t find my identity in anything the world had to offer."

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A Hasidic Couple’s Journey: The Ben David’s Story

"I said in my mind, You know what, God? If this is true, then I’m going to go with my heart. And at that moment, I saw the face of Jesus. I went home and found Adel. 'Something terrible has happened!' I announced. 'Jesus is the Messiah!'"

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A Fifth Generation Iranian Jewish Believer: Emmanuel Mebasser's Story

Jewish faith in Jesus was handed down from generation to generation on both sides of my family, so my parents are Jewish Iranian believers in Jesus.

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An Israeli Athlete Meets the Messiah: Sahar's Story

I googled “Christianity” and found the New Testament in Hebrew. I expected it to be an anti-Semitic book with stories about Santa Claus! But in the first pages, the Gospel of Matthew, I read the genealogy of Jesus and saw all these Hebrew names. It felt so familiar.

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