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September 27, 2013

Some of you may be all set to go with your services and bulletins. Some of you may want to use an existing service. For those who want a service to use, or want to turn your Word doc into a bulletin, as part of our HaMadrikh project of holiday and life-cycle services, you will […]

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Shovel and Plant

February 9, 2012

Come on in and get your hands dirty. There is plenty here to help you grow in your walk with Yeshua (Jesus). MULTIMEDIA Audio Video E-books Adventures of Kosher Joe (Animated Series) Broadsides Forms and Documents Evangelistic Advertisements WITNESSING Evangelistic Materials Witnessing Materials Making the Case Testimonies Let us Help Witness to your Jewish Friend […]

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Chanukah and the Moshiach
November 16, 2011

Chanukah is about many things, but central to the holiday is how Hashem preserved the Jewish people, both physically and spiritually. Antiochus, returning from Roman humiliation in Egypt and hearing that the Jews in Jerusalem had rebelled against the high priest Menelaus (who pushed for assimilation and collaborated with Antiochus), ordered his troops to crack […]

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Jewish Resistance to the Gospel
July 1, 2011

November 20, 1997 Paper presented to the Evangelical Missiological Society Santa Clara CA, November 20-22, 1997 Copyright © 1997 by David N. Brickner INTRODUCTION An oft told joke within the Jewish community opens with four Russian Jews on a train. It seems that each one has converted to Christianity. The first says that he changed […]

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So What’s a Pastor Good For Anyway?

August 21, 2005 While training to become a minister, I worked part-time at Sears and Roebuck. One of my co-workers made a not-so-funny joke when he said, “I wouldn’t mind being a preacher myself. All you have to do is preach two or three sermons a week, and you can spend the rest of the […]

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The Proper Care and Feeding of a Pastor

August 21, 2003 Most church members don’t know how to treat their pastor! If you want to be a considerate church member, there are some things you ought to know that your own minister will never tell you. Few pastors will put themselves in the precarious position of stating what benefits they feel they should […]

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Short-Term Missions for Your Church

For further information on any of the opportunities below, contact our Ministry at Large department at mal&#64jewsforjesus.org. Your Church as a Whole We need local churches as well as individual believers to partner with us. Consider being an “anchor church” for a particular city: An anchor church is a place where our campaigners can meet, […]

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A Man Answers Questions on the Stree

Questions & Answers

A question is a question when a person really wants to know an answer, right? Some people throw up questions like roadblocks and they probably won’t like what’s at the other end of these links. But if you are one of the people who are genuinely curious about how Jewish people can believe in Jesus, […]

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A New Way to Partner With Jews for Jesus

A New Way to Partner With Jews for Jesus You can support Jewish evangelism by adding our banner to your web site. It’s a valuable resource that doesn’t cost you a thing! By using our banner, you’ll be making information easily available to people who want to share their faith with Jewish friends. And, depending […]

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How to Prepare for the Christ in the Passover Presentation Add Our Banner to Your Website

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Circumcision Event


A bris is the ceremony of circumcision for Jewish boys when they are eight days old. The origins take us to the 12th and 15th chapters of the biblical book of Genesis. God made unconditional promises to Abraham that his descendants would be more numerous than the stars in the sky; that through his descendants […]

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Without Hanukkah, there would be no Christmas….

  Read these articles to find out why! Frieda Zuckerman’s Christmas by Frieda Zuckerman Christmas Is a Jewish Holiday (or at least it should be) by Moishe Rosen Then I Met Messiah by Ceil Rosen The Promised Child by Efraim Goldstein Christmas, a Jewish holiday? As you’ll see in this section, Jewish people have various […]

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Dome of the Rock

Yom Yerushalayim

Instituted after 1967, “Jerusalem Day” is a recent addition to the Jewish calendar. The city of Jerusalem occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of our Jewish people. Choose from the articles listed on the right, and remember to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem” (Psalm 122:6).

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Bonfire, a symbol for Lag Ba-Omer

Lag BaOmer

“Lag” is the number 33 in Hebrew letters, which are often used to represent numerals. The “omer,” literally a “sheaf” of grain, is the name given to the 49-day period that falls between Passover and Shavuot. “Lag BaOmer” is then the 33rd day of this period. In Leviticus 23:10, the Israelites are told, “When you […]

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Evangelistic Resources

Yeshua—The Jewish Way to Say Jesus by Moishe Rosen A brief primer on messianic prophecy; includes many rabbinical references. Stories of Jews for Jesus edited by Matt Sieger Real people…real choices—choosing Jesus! Compelling stories, high drama. Jewish Doctors Meet the Great Physician edited by Ruth Rosen Here are ten first-person accounts of Jewish doctors who […]

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A Personal Greeting to Pastors and Church Leaders

A Personal Greeting to Pastors and Church Leaders from Rick Ruiz, Church Relations Director Greetings to you in the name of Jesus—in Hebrew, Yeshua—our Messiah! If you are a pastor or church leader, this section of our web site has been prepared for you. We want to be a resource for you in several ways: […]

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Green Onions for Passover
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Pastors’ Reading Room

Here is a selection of some of our most important articles on the subject of the local church. Feel free to pass these articles on to your own church members or to fellow clergy using these permission guidelines. Read what we say to Christians regarding the ministry of the local church: Support Your Local Church […]

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Reprint Permission

Articles from this web site can be reproduced in your church bulletin or other church publication, following these easy guidelines: The article or web page must be reproduced in its entirety. If you wish to abridge an article, please let us know ahead of time which portion you plan to use. You can e-mail the […]

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Support Your Local Church First

August 21, 2003 I am angry! I just heard something on the radio that made my blood boil! No, it wasn’t the pornographic lyrics of some new rock-and-roll song; nor was it news of the continuing deterioration of morals. I could understand that. In these last days I expect to hear news of deteriorating morals […]

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MatzaBall Fight Game
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Desktop Pictures

These Jews for Jesus images are available for your computer desktop. Images are formatted for both PC and Mac computers. Follow the download instructions below. Behold Your God 800×600 1024×768 Not Ashamed 800×600 1024×768 Established 32 A.D. 800×600 1024×768   Installation Instructions PC Click on your monitor’s resolution size and when the large image appears, […]

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June 30, 2011

Read Doctor Jack’s complete story. Please be patient, different flash animations require different loading times on different connection speeds. If movie does not play, you may need to download the free Macromedia Flash® Player.

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In this section, we invite you to explore Jewish lifestyle and lifecycle events, including our traditions, holidays and customs. There’s an old saying that goes, “Two Jews, three opinions.” Judaism is by no means a monolith; it has changed and will continue to change for years to come. Chances are if you go to a […]

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Journeys of Faith
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Kosher Joe

Visit KosherJoe.com

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