On Shavuot, it’s traditional to eat dairy foods such as cheesecake (an all-time favorite). While no one knows exactly how or when this custom began, t...

If antisemitic speech has led to past violence, how can we find a balance in allowing free speech while protecting the freedom of religion for all?

Kata’s mother was a Holocaust survivor, so she’d seen their deep needs firsthand, and she was determined to befriend, love, and serve them.

It is a wildly successful historical drama that tries to present Jesus faithfully. But does “The Chosen” accurately portray the Jewishness of Jesus?

As representatives of the global Messianic Jewish movement and in solidarity with the greater Jewish community, we affirm our standing with Israel in ...

After the Hamas attack, it was tempting to give into hate or apathy. But God loves all people and wants us to reflect His love to all our neighbors.

We’ve heard so many questions from people all over the world asking about what’s happening and how they can help. Here’s what you need to know.

To our Gentile brothers and sisters in this moment, we are saying that your care and support for Jewish people is needed right now more than ever.

Imagine how the Jewish community in Australia felt as we watched the news, seeing a crowd of people in our largest city shouting for our death.

Israel is experiencing her worst tragedy in decades. For all of us outside of Israel, we are left asking ourselves, What can we do to help?

Today, Hammas launched a highly coordinated attack on Israel. Please, stand with us in fervent prayer for Israel.

The book hadn’t mentioned cigarettes or smoke at all. So, I was surprised by how prominent they were in the movie. Were they meant to be a metaphor?

Get an in-depth look at the name of Jesus, in our article “An Introduction to the Names Yehoshua/Joshua, Yeshua, Jesus and Yeshu” by Kai Kjµr-Hansen A...

In a messianic celebration of Hanukkah, there’s a hidden symbolism for us in the role of the Shamash candle, which lights all the others.

March 2022 update: We continue to send aid into Ukraine through our staff who are serving refugees in Poland with food and other essentials.

Rosh Hashanah had a late start in taking its place in Jewish life and stirs up repentance and reflection—not answers.

The ancient Hebrew concept of peace means wholeness, completeness, health, safety, and prosperity. God created humanity for this kind of flourishing.

Respecting Jewish people means acknowledging the real reasons why evangelism within Jewish communities can feel predatory. And instead of minimizing o...

The Torah tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. How do we do that during a year like 2020 with social distancing, lockdowns, and closures?

There are many reasons art is essential. During a time of crisis and isolation, art brings us joy. It helps us express what we’re feeling. Art can tra...

In the face of rising antisemitism, there are ways to fight back. One day, all will be held accountable to Him.

Revival and Reparations In a far corner of the Roman Empire, a native Jewish teacher led a grassroots spiritual revival among the working-class people...

I kept looking for a traditional Jewish explanation that would satisfy, but found none. The only plausible explanation seemed to be Jesus.

Messianic Jews are a small, growing, and diverse community of believers in Jesus, living our faith in a world that fails to see us as either Jewish or...