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Frieda Zuckerman’s Christmas
by Frieda Zuckerman

Christmas Is a Jewish Holiday
(or at least it should be)

by Moishe Rosen

Then I Met Messiah
by Ceil Rosen

The Promised Child
by Efraim Goldstein

Christmas, a Jewish holiday?

As you’ll see in this section, Jewish people have various reactions to Christmas, from caustic to curious. Most assume that-like Jesus-Christmas is “a Gentile thing.” Similarly, many Jewish believers in Jesus didn’t grow up celebrating Christmas and so while some rejoice that they can now take part in a holiday that was forbidden for so long, others feel uncomfortable with the cultural trappings of Christmas. However, we all realize that the Christmas season brings to mind thoughts of peace and thoughts of Jesus, the Prince of Peace. It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Jewish Messiah, and it’s also an incredible time for introducing others to the greatest Jew who ever lived.

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