What We Do

Kata’s mother was a Holocaust survivor, so she’d seen their deep needs firsthand, and she was determined to befriend, love, and serve them.

In 1982, a common problem with Hebrew transliteration and a vandal’s tag on our building sparked us to action. We put Y’shua up everywhere we could.

I literally ran into the chazzan of a prestigious synagogue. He was very gracious, and it was the beginning of a wonderful association.

We’ve been a bit controversial in the Jewish community over the years. What is it that we actually do? How have we changed?

Before the internet, handing out pamphlets on the street was a good way to get a message out. So, we did a lot of that! Today, things are different.

Tuvya has been counseling interfaith couples for decades, and his vision for an international team that focused on this work has now come to life.

March 2022 update: We continue to send aid into Ukraine through our staff who are serving refugees in Poland with food and other essentials.

The Torah tells us to love our neighbors as ourselves. How do we do that during a year like 2020 with social distancing, lockdowns, and closures?