Jewish Gentile couple at the altar

Promoting Understanding Between Interfaith Couples

by Jews for Jesus | October 07 2022

Tuvya Zaretsky began counseling interfaith couples around 20 years ago, and his vision for an international team that focused on this work has now come to life! While Tuvya has been devoted to bringing others into this area of specialization, he continues to meet personally with many of the couples this global team encounters.

For example, Nathan had a non-religious Jewish upbringing in Israel but now lives in Northern California and is married to a Christian. He contacted us looking to find some common ground with his wife in a way that would affirm his Jewishness. Recently, he has settled into a routine of meeting regularly with Tuvya over the phone.

Nathan wants to be more spiritual and has attended his wife’s spiritual community, but also wants to draw from his own heritage. He has started reading the Torah, praying from the siddur, and laying tefillin. Nathan has also been questioning how his wife’s faith can enhance his own observance.

Tuvya, from his unique perspective as a Jewish follower of Yeshua (Jesus), suggested that Nathan think back to Mount Sinai and consider how God instructed the Jewish people to relate to God, not just corporately, but also individually through a personal relationship. Nathan’s wife is compelled to see that Jesus was a Jewish rabbi who passionately taught his people the heart of Torah. Together, they’re learning the parallels and common ground in their faiths that can draw them closer together in their marriage and spiritual journeys.

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