Sometimes, our story seems like one long battle for survival. What is the secret to Jewish survival throughout our long history?

Many of our people have only a “maybe” belief in any kind of life after death. But the Tanakh points us to the hope of eternal joy in God’s presence.

Why does God allow humans to do so many selfish and even wicked things? A search for the Bible’s answer to the most difficult question.

Judaism today is a bit different than what God established in ancient Israel. High Holiday practices are a perfect example of what’s changed.

Ruth is a mold-breaker. Her society was full of boxes, and she broke pretty much every box that can be broken without engaging in immorality.

For Jesus, the Hebrew Scriptures were the key by which he understood his vocation and life. We’ve gathered the 40 most striking prophecies about him.

The Bible challenged ancient culture and included a place for women to participate in every aspect of life except the Temple priesthood.

An exploration of the two different descriptions of the Messiah brought up in the book of Zechariah, the Jewish understanding of Messiah ben Joseph an...

Scripture tells us that we were chosen by God for a purpose. But what is that purpose? A closer look points to our loving God and our neighbors.

Though, it’s often held to be heretical in modern Judaism, the idea of a God being three-in-one actually has its roots in foundational Judaism.

More than any other book of the Hebrew Scriptures, the writings of the prophet Daniel confront us with evidence of the time of Messiah’s coming.

The New Testament says from the first page that it’s the story of the Jewish Messiah, the Son of David and Son of Abraham.

It’s been a controversial passage within the Jewish community for centuries. Does it speak of the Messiah (and Yeshua)? Or is it about Israel?

When God refers to the Jewish people as chosen, it means He selected them for a specific purpose and task. So what is it we were set apart to do?

The New Testament is full of quotes, references, and allusions from the Hebrew Scriptures. Many of those are found in the words of Jesus himself.

The (Jewish) writers of the New Testament asserted that the Old Testament spoke of a coming Messiah and quoted from it extensively to prove their poin...

Passover culminates in the hope that the herald, the messenger, Elijah, will come and drink from his cup. But what would his arrival mean?

How do we reconcile the promise that God has a covenant with Israel with our experiences in daily life, which are often filled with difficulties.

Psalm 22:16 is one verse where the standard Jewish translations differ from the translations most Christians use. Here’s why. In Hebrew, the phrase th...

It’s commonly maintained that Isaiah 53 was never considered messianic by rabbis and Jewish sages. Sometimes the statement is phrased as, “Judaism tea...

Some say that Zechariah 12:10 refers to the Gentile nations who mourn because of the Jewish martyrs (or a particular unknown martyr) they have killed....

The Jewish prophets gave some very specific information about the Messiah not often discussed in synagogue.

Celebrating Purim as a boy, I saw Mordechai as the main hero. It took time to fully appreciate Esther’s humble courage and heroic role in her story.

We have a glorious future and an abundant present if we appropriate the salvation made possible by the One who “was wounded through our transgressions...