In this episode, Jeff Morgan talks with Bible scholar and professor Dr. Seth Postell about finding Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures.

In this episode, Jeff Morgan talks with Bible scholar and professor Dr. Seth Postell about finding Jesus in the Hebrew Scriptures.

We invite you to join us for Conversations with Jewish Believers in Jesus, hosted by Jeff Morgan. In this episode, Jeff talks with Jewish scientist Ja...

Yoel Ben David was an Orthodox Jew, living in Jerusalem and serving in the Rabbinical Corps during his mandatory military service. It was then that he...

As the daughter of Jews for Jesus founder Moishe Rosen, Ruth Rosen was raised with an appreciation for both her Jewish heritage and her faith in Jesus...

Rabbi Aaron Allsbrook spent years pursuing Orthodox Judaism, including getting ordained as an Orthodox rabbi. When he discovered the truth about Yeshu...

At Yom Kippur, the most holy day in a Jewish year, we remember the times when we’ve been less-than-holy. But we also remember God’s forgiveness.

Dr. Golan Broshi addresses the stigma on the New Testament that prevents many Jewish people from ever reading it. Is it inherently antisemitic?

Rosh Hashanah is a yearly time of renewal for the Jewish people. It is a time to turn back to God, to look ahead, and to welcome in the Days of Awe.

Rabbis in Israel in Jesus’ day didn’t often discuss antisemitism directly. But Jesus strongly affirmed God’s loving commitment to the Jewish people.

What has Judaism, past and present, said about the Messiah? What does the concept mean? And is it still relevant?

Are the frightening prophetic images in the New Testament book of Revelation tell a different story about end times than the Hebrew Scriptures?

Shavuot has always been about God’s generous provision. It’s about celebrating all the things He gives us, even the blessing we find in His law.

Does Shavuot, which celebrates the gift of the Torah—i.e. God’s authority and rules over us—contradict the freedom we just celebrated at Passover?

Some might think that Jews who believe in Jesus wouldn’t do Passover. But for my family, belief in Messiah enhances our celebration. Here’s how.

The best way to pick a haggadah is by considering your Passover non-negotiables. What makes Passover meaningful to you and your family or friends?

What if the answers we need for well-being in modern life were already discovered in antiquity? Wisdom means living life in light of the truth.

I literally ran into the chazzan of a prestigious synagogue. He was very gracious, and it was the beginning of a wonderful association.

You love your partner enough to consider a conversion but need a more informed perspective? Start by asking yourself these two essential questions.

The first Jewish followers of Jesus believed that he is God come to Israel in person. Naturally, that raises many questions for Jewish people today!

We’ve been a bit controversial in the Jewish community over the years. What is it that we actually do? How have we changed?

Before the internet, handing out pamphlets on the street was a good way to get a message out. So, we did a lot of that! Today, things are different.

Tuvya has been counseling interfaith couples for decades, and his vision for an international team that focused on this work has now come to life.

When I was fifteen, I decided to ignore God through the rest of high school—thinking this would give me the freedom to live however I chose.

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