We’ve been a bit controversial in the Jewish community over the years. What is it that we actually do? How have we changed?

Before the internet, handing out pamphlets on the street was a good way to get a message out. So, we did a lot of that! Today, things are different.

Tuvya has been counseling interfaith couples for decades, and his vision for an international team that focused on this work has now come to life.

When I was fifteen, I decided to ignore God through the rest of high school—thinking this would give me the freedom to live however I chose.

Historians agree, Jesus was a first-century teacher of Judaism, a rabbi. But then what kind of Judaism did Jesus teach?

It’s a very important event in a young Jewish life. Here’s your breakdown on the traditions and best tips for success!

The gospel is a Jewish thing, though the word doesn’t sound very Jewish! It comes from the Hebrew Bible and refers to the core hope of Judaism.

Life is filled with clues about God, and we all long for something beyond the ordinary. But what does seeking God in my life really mean?

Many of the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled happened during Passover and are related to the holiday. Here are five.

These holidays share a lot more than people realize. In ritual and tradition they differ. But in history and meaning they’re deeply linked.

Scripture says the Messiah will keep and teach Torah. If Jesus didn’t, then faith in him would be wrong. But what did he really do and teach?

Faith is not blind belief that you cling to without evidence. Faith is active trust in what you have reasoned to be true.

Redemption starts with Passover, which becomes the pattern for all Biblical history and God’s ultimate plan for the world.

Joy is something deeper than happiness or pleasure. Jewish sages have taught that it’s a part of the divine, yet accessible to everyone. But can we de...

Is the Birth of Jesus Based on the Legends of Caesar? Similarities between the stories raise surprising parallels and striking differences.

God wants us to experience the kind of trust and intimacy with Him that He intended married couples to share with one another.

Judaism today is a bit different than what God established in ancient Israel. High Holiday practices are a perfect example of what’s changed.

A miracle on the Feast of Tabernacles and how the Jewish holiday points to great joy for the future.

Everyone seems to have a different idea of what sin means, but the Bible gives us a singular understanding that applies to all times and cultures.

Despite the common misperception, Jesus was Jewish—a first-century rabbi from Israel who challenged his people to turn to the God of their fathers.

Pentecost is widely celebrated by Christians, but it was originally a Jewish festival called Shavuot recalling the giving of the law in Exodus.

There are thriving groups of Messianic Jewish people all over the world. What do they believe, and how do they practice those beliefs?

The Passover elements symbolize God’s character and have formed Jewish identity for generations by retelling the story of our liberation from Egypt.

There are many reasons why the majority of Jewish people don’t recognize Jesus as Messiah—some are cultural, some historical, and some religious.

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