Jewish Holidays

Sometimes, our story seems like one long battle for survival. What is the secret to Jewish survival throughout our long history?

Why do we need a holiday where we do life in tents? Getting out in the elements, away from our normal comforts, helps us to let go and experience God.

At Yom Kippur, the most holy day in a Jewish year, we remember the times when we’ve been less-than-holy. But we also remember God’s forgiveness.

Rosh Hashanah is a yearly time of renewal for the Jewish people. It is a time to turn back to God, to look ahead, and to welcome in the Days of Awe.

Some might think that Jews who believe in Jesus wouldn’t do Passover. But for my family, belief in Messiah enhances our celebration. Here’s how.

The best way to pick a haggadah is by considering your Passover non-negotiables. What makes Passover meaningful to you and your family or friends?

Many of the prophecies that Jesus fulfilled happened during Passover and are related to the holiday. Here are five.

Many see a historical error among the accounts of Jesus’ life in the New Testament. Was his famous last supper a Passover Seder or not?

These holidays share a lot more than people realize. In ritual and tradition they differ. But in history and meaning they’re deeply linked.

Judaism today is a bit different than what God established in ancient Israel. High Holiday practices are a perfect example of what’s changed.

A miracle on the Feast of Tabernacles and how the Jewish holiday points to great joy for the future.

Rosh Hashanah had a late start in taking its place in Jewish life and stirs up repentance and reflection—not answers.

Pentecost is widely celebrated by Christians, but it was originally a Jewish festival called Shavuot recalling the giving of the law in Exodus.

I’m a person of faith but don’t observe much of rabbinic tradition. So, how can non-observant Jews like me celebrate the giving of the Law on Shavuot?

The Hebrew text of Exodus says that we saw the voice of God at Sinai. Rabbis interpret this visual manifestation as God’s words dividing into 70 langu...

Taking a deeper look at the meaning of the food eaten on Shavuot, we find a symbolic showcase of God’s promises to the Israelites—and to us today.

The joyful festival of Shavuot connected the people with their land, with each other, and with God as they made their pilgrimage to Jerusalem.

The Passover elements symbolize God’s character and have formed Jewish identity for generations by retelling the story of our liberation from Egypt.

Shavuot has been relegated to the status of a lesser-celebrated holiday on our Jewish calendar. Yet it is a festival that reminds us that God meets bo...

Did Jesus celebrate a Passover Seder similar to what I grew up with? Should his followers today be remembering this event in a “more Jewish” way?

Passover culminates in the hope that the herald, the messenger, Elijah, will come and drink from his cup. But what would his arrival mean?

Celebrating Purim as a boy, I saw Mordechai as the main hero. It took time to fully appreciate Esther’s humble courage and heroic role in her story.

Were some modern Passover traditions invented by the early followers of Jesus, before they were separated from the greater Jewish community?