You Are Home Music Review
Topics: music, music reviews
Author: Seth Richards

The travels of three young Jewish musicians to Israel, India, Nepal and Thailand serve as inspiration for You Are Home, their second full-length album.

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Christ in the Feast of the Tabernacles
Author: Seth Richards

Book Title: Christ in the Feast of the Tabernacles Author: David Brickner Date Published: May 1, 2006 Publisher: Moody Publishers; New Edition edition Genre: 1. Messianic Judaism2. Judaism3. Ritual ISBN: 978-0802413963 Reviewer: Seth Richards You probably know that...

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Consecration Ceremony
September 1, 2006
Author: Seth Richards

The shofar blasted as some 200 campaigners and stewards gathered on Shabbat for the consecration service to start the Behold Your God finale. The sound of the ram’s horn was a robust call for us to present ourselves for consecration. We gathered to ask God to help us...

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An Intern from Ithaca Reflects on Missionary Work in NYC
Author: Seth Richards

“When I walk around the littered city streets I try to adopt the distant urban stare of the natives, but it’s probably pretty obvious that I’m fresh out of the country. I like telling people that where I’m from, the tallest buildings are silos, and they usually ask,...

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Jews, Jesus and Jersey
Author: Seth Richards

Campaign leaders Josh Sofaer,Garrett Smith and Tuvya Zaretsky Campaign leader Josh Sofaer can tell you that reaching people in the suburbs is a whole lot different than city street campaigns. “It’s not that there are no people . . . they are just all in their cars!”...

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Hassidic Jews: Who are They?
Author: Seth Richards

Spelled Hassidic, Hasidic, Chassidic or Chasidic, over 300,000 such Jews reside in the New York metropolitan region. Though commonly referred to as ultra- Orthodox, Hassidic Jews (or “pious ones”) most prefer to be described as “fervently observant.” (The term ultra-...

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What’s Cookin’ in Brooklyn
Author: Seth Richards

Have you ever read those restaurant reviews in the newspaper that apply adjectives to food that you never thought possible? I know that “soul,” “purity,” and “synergy” are not typically the first words that come to mind when I describe my potato salad. But my potato...

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